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Tuesday 17th Oct
Welcome to our spesh page 🫶 you probably remember us from a cruise (or two) 🚢 we’re the travelling fam and welcome to our home
We have a close connection to Redcliffe, dad having been a part of the council and so many other things... Over the years we have seen beautiful Redcliffe grow and transform and as Redcliffe grows, we hope to keep the Redcliffe spirit of community and giving going and encourage other people to join in with us 
At the heart of our community is our hospital 🏥 and we want to give back by helping her grow. We want to help our people by raising funds for projects such as the one for our palliative care unit in 2023 where touches of home were added (who doesn’t want a Reno for a lounge room?) or projects for babies and mothers… so many to list and hopefully with mine and your help many more, but all are to make life a little better for our fellow residents. Money raised also goes to research helping not just our community, but every other community too 🩷🩵
Every donation counts and is very much appreciated 

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Willow Mandirigma