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I’m raising it for Redcliffe

All money donated to my fundraising page will assist in funding medical research, equipment and other initiatives that ensure patients achieve optimal health outcomes at the Redcliffe Hospital.

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Last day to transfer donations

Tuesday 10th Oct
If your school has funds to donate be sure to transfer them today, Tuesday 10th) to your schools’ account at SchoolAid. 
All funds in the account this afternoon will be in the group for Giving Day and the doubling (X 2) that will make a great impact. 

SchoolAid Campaign for 2023

Wednesday 15th Mar

Schools participate now by registering at to set up an individual school campaign. You will have a unique fundraising page and link to share with your community so you can watch your total climb online as you 'Raise it for Redcliffe'! 

At the heart of Raise it for Redcliffe 2023 is a community that cares.

Redcliffe Hospital is situated right in the centre of the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula just north of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay Region.

Many of the young people in the area were born in the Redcliffe Hospital, many have been treated there, many have visited family there, many will work there, and many will likely spend time there in their older life. It really is a special place in our community!

In 2021 the first Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital campaign – Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day – was launched, in partnership with RBWH Foundation. The wonderful result was a testament to the importance of our hospital. In 2022 a SchoolAid campaign was launched to involve school communities in the effort and they became a small part of the total community result of $224 000! 

This year we are again inviting all local schools to join together to “Raise It for Redcliffe 2023”. We are seeking the ideas and energy of young leaders to decide on what type of fundraiser we might undertake. Donations will be welcome from anybody directly here (of course!) or through the school where you have the closest association to help them achieve their R4R fundraising goal.

The funds raised will be matched by local businesses and sponsors on the official Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day on 12thOctober 2023 to double the schools’ contribution. That will be fun!

The theme is to “bring a touch of home” to the hospital so that the patients have the most supportive, calming, and restorative place for their treatment and recovery. Some spaces could be made more comfortable, more homely and more family-friendly – especially for people who must be in hospital for weeks or even months.

Having funds to bring that “touch of home” is the plan to ensure patients feel as comfortable and at home as possible while they are being treated. One day some of the students will likely get the benefit of this initiative as they visit a family member or friend or in the event, that they need treatment.

News of plans will be shared here and directly with schools. We welcome young voices to make this something special that the youth of the Peninsula can claim as something “we did” to make our great local hospital even better!

All schools are welcome to participate and encouraged to register here now to become part of the team.

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For more information, contact Sharyn Tidswell at or Sean Gordon OAM at