Life-changing Redcliffe Hospital research

11 Sep 2023

An innovative research project, partly funded by the 2022 Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day, will recruit local GPs and community services to help hospital patients make healthy lifestyle changes ahead of planned surgeries.  

 The pre-operative feasibility study, being led by Senior Dietitian Alyce Nissen, will focus on reducing smoking and alcohol consumption, and improving nutrition and iron deficiency (anaemia). 

 The healthier a patient is before surgery, the better their recovery is afterward,” said Ms Nissen. 

 The study will use a Clinical Assistant to follow up select patients and work closely with them to provide education, resources and referrals to allied health professionals or existing community services to modify risk factors. 

 “The key will be to empower patients by allowing them to complete a self-generated screening survey and then take ownership of the recommendations,” said Ms Nissen. 

 Ms Nissen was awarded one of two inaugural Redcliffe Hospital Research Fellowship Grants, thanks to the extraordinary power of giving to Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day.  

 Giving Day is the main fundraising event for Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital, a partnership between the RBWH Foundation and Redcliffe Hospital. All funds support innovative patient care projects, life-changing health research and other hospital initiatives. 

 “I am so grateful to have this opportunity to use this fellowship for the development of a model of care to improve the health of our patients preoperatively,” said Ms Nissen. 

 “I thank all those who have donated and look forward to sharing our outcomes with everyone next year!” 

The countdown is now on to this year’s Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day on Thursday 12 October. Every donation received will be doubled by Giving Day Impact Partners, for twice the impact. Donate online at 

A priority this year will be a renovation of visiting areas in the hospital’s Palliative Care Unit. The unit cares for about 600 patients with a life-limiting illness, each year. Refurbishing common areas would make stays more comfortable for patients and their visitors. 

“We want to add a touch of home to the unit so patients and visitors can enjoy quality time together,” said RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske. 

“Palliative Care has a special role in our community and by giving together, we can enhance this experience for hundreds of people every year.” 

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